Exploring new ways to improve the sutton.gov.uk website

What’s the problem?

Over the last 12 weeks, the sutton.gov.uk redevelopment team has designed and tested hundreds of concepts for a new council website. The best ideas have been shortlisted and now the challenge is figuring out which design is the most effective and should be prioritised in beta.

One of the methods…

Fixing how Kingston Upon-Thames council does web

A dragon representing a user breathes fire onto the broken remains of a council website

Welcome to the world of the 404 error. The land of the broken link and unresponsive click. A place where time stands still and content is all but forgotten. Some refer to it as a dark place. Others deny its existence altogether. …

The Borough of Kingston Upon-Thames council held its first ever citizens’ assembly this month. But how does it work?

Photo by Leman on Unsplash

Over two weekends residents from across the borough of Kingston came together to answer the question

How do we collectively improve air quality in the Borough of Kingston?

The process, called a citizens’ assembly, resulted in a set of policy recommendations on actions that should be taken to reduce harmful…

I spent the weekend at Royal Borough Kingston’s first ever Citizens’ Assembly. The theme — improving air quality.

Photo by Marcos Luiz Photograph on Unsplash

What is a Citizens’ Assembly?

For two weekends over November and December residents of Kingston come together to listen to evidence from expert speakers and discuss what steps the council can take to improve air quality. The recommendations will then be reported to the council decision makers to decide what will happen next.

It was…

Luke Piper

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